About me ...

Hi! I'm Phil - that's me above, hiding my face away from the camera as always. 

I've had a passion for photography for many years. At High School, I was desperate to become a wildlife photographer for the BBC and I picked up my first SLR film camera - a Canon EOS 50e (I'm showing my age!) - as a teenager. The big dream didn't work out but I continued to love my photography. A number of years ago, a friend asked me to cover their wedding for them as they did not want a 'professional' - I loved the experience hugely and it began the first step on a journey to become a professional, part-time, wedding photographer. Since then, I have been hugely blessed to photograph weddings across the North West of England in hugely different venues and to build a substantial portfolio I am really proud of.

Away from photography, I am a teacher at a High School. Why mention this? For a number of reasons. Firstly, I limit the amount of weddings I cover each year - both to maintain an outstanding service for my clients, but also to ensure I continue to love my photography. If I worked all week in school then every weekend at weddings, I'd quickly burn out! I cannot cover mid-week weddings unless it is holidays so do check my availability. I also mention it because I feel my day job brings added skills to my photography: I am used to working with children (and have an enhanced CRB) and I have endless patience, I am confident and comfortable dealing with a wide variety of people and I relate well to them. This personable nature really helps me to capture all them smiles and emotions from your wedding day without being intrusive. 

I live in Oldham, Greater Manchester, so covering weddings in Manchester, Leeds, and across the North West and Yorkshire is not an issue. 

Away from school and photography, I'm a really keen cyclist (almost a MAMIL), I love live music, I'm a keen reader and I love to travel.