Rachel and Shaun's NY's Eve Wedding @ The Mercure Norton Grange, Rochdale

What better day to have a wedding than New Year's Eve? Spirits are high and it seems a perfectly symbolic moment - a moment when you look to new futures. Well, Rachel and Shaun decided to have their special wedding at the Norton Grange Hotel in Rochdale on New Year's Eve. It was a wonderful wedding, and I hope the photography captured some of it. Here are just a few sneak images that I photographed on the day. rachel_shaun_walker_wedding_full colour_IMG_0187 rachel_shaun_walker_wedding_full colour_IMG_0215 rachel_shaun_walker_wedding_full colour_IMG_0365 rachel_shaun_walker_wedding_full colour_IMG_0407 rachel_shaun_walker_wedding_full colour_IMG_0915 rachel_shaun_walker_wedding_full colour_IMG_1097 rachel_shaun_walker_wedding_full colour_IMG_1401 shaunwalker_wedding_IMG_0428 shaunwalker_wedding_IMG_0601 shaunwalker_wedding_IMG_0607 shaunwalker_wedding_IMG_0759