Lindsey and Paul's beautiful wedding at the Pennine Manor, Wedding Photography, Oldham

A little late, but here are some pictures from a really beautiful wedding at the Pennine Manor, Scapegoat Hill, Huddersfield. A really lovely venue with stunning views across both sides of the Pennines. Felt like you could see forever. Lindsey and Paul were such a lovely couple to work with and their day was such an intimate and lovely day - a real privilege to be involved. wedding photography lindsey_paul_webb_wedding_IMG_6075 lindsey_paul_webb_wedding_IMG_6435 lindsey_paul_webb_wedding_IMG_6484 lindsey_paul_webb_wedding_IMG_6533 lindsey_paul_webb_wedding_IMG_6546 lindsey_paul_webb_wedding_IMG_6550 lindsey_paul_webb_wedding_IMG_6562 lindsey_paul_webb_wedding_IMG_6637 lindsey_paul_webb_wedding_IMG_6770 lindsey_paul_webb_wedding_IMG_6865 lindsey_paul_webb_wedding_IMG_7196 lindsey_paul_webb_wedding_IMG_7389 lindsey_paul_webb_wedding_IMG_7665 lindsey_paul_webb_wedding_IMG_7676