Phill and Sophie's Wedding at St James Church, Thornham, Royton then Thornham Road, Royton - Natural wedding photography in Oldham

Here are a few of my favourite images from Phill and Sophie's wedding. I was commissioned to cover Sophie getting ready at her parents' house, the ceremony at St James Church, Thornham in Royton and then in a marquee in a field off Thornham Road, Royton for the wedding breakfast. It was such a lovely day and the wedding party were lovely and warm. I've photographed in St James' Church, Thornham before and I really love the church - it has real character! The marquee was dressed in a really lovely way - very much like an English tea party. If you are looking for a relaxed, natural photographer working in a photojournalistic / reportage style then get in touch. I am based in Shaw, Oldham but am more than happy to travel around the north west.


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