Stef and Graham's wedding at Heskin Hall, Heksin, Chorley - Wedding photography in Oldham

Here are some images from Stef and Graham's wedding at the gorgous Heskin Hall in Chorley. The rooms they had were absolutely stunning - very unique and full of character. I specialise in a reportage / photojournalistic style with my imagery. I am a photographer based in Shaw, Oldham and have worked throughout Lancashire, Greater Manchester and Yorkshire. If you want a relaxed, natural style of wedding or family portrait photography get in touch for a bespoke quote.


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Ann and David's Wedding at The Old School House, Great John Street Hotel in Manchester - Natural, Photojournalistic wedding photography in Oldham



What an incredibly lovely day to be part of. David and Ann chose to have their wedding at the exclusive and very individual Great John Street Hotel in Manchester. The venue was simply stunning and I can't recommend it highly enough. Ann and David were so sweet with each other and it was a genuine delight to share in their day.

I specialise in a reportage / photojournalistic style with my imagery. I am a photographer based in Shaw, Oldham and have worked throughout Lancashire, Greater Manchester and Yorkshire. If you want a relaxed, natural style of wedding or family portrait photography get in touch for a bespoke quote.



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Phill and Sophie's Wedding at St James Church, Thornham, Royton then Thornham Road, Royton - Natural wedding photography in Oldham

Here are a few of my favourite images from Phill and Sophie's wedding. I was commissioned to cover Sophie getting ready at her parents' house, the ceremony at St James Church, Thornham in Royton and then in a marquee in a field off Thornham Road, Royton for the wedding breakfast. It was such a lovely day and the wedding party were lovely and warm. I've photographed in St James' Church, Thornham before and I really love the church - it has real character! The marquee was dressed in a really lovely way - very much like an English tea party. If you are looking for a relaxed, natural photographer working in a photojournalistic / reportage style then get in touch. I am based in Shaw, Oldham but am more than happy to travel around the north west.


sophiecapper_IMG_2919 sophiecapper_IMG_2934 sophiecapper_IMG_2985 sophiecapper_IMG_3003 sophiecapper_IMG_3083 sophiecapper_IMG_3084 sophiecapper_IMG_3087 sophiecapper_IMG_3113 sophiecapper_IMG_3140 sophiecapper_IMG_3198 sophiecapper_IMG_3259 sophiecapper_IMG_3262 sophiecapper_IMG_3307 sophiecapper_IMG_3310 sophiecapper_IMG_3426 sophiecapper_IMG_3599 sophiecapper_IMG_3681 sophiecapper_IMG_3782 sophiecapper_IMG_4149 sophiecapper_IMG_4162 sophiecapper_IMG_4185 sophiecapper_IMG_4366 sophiecapper_IMG_4379 sophiecapper_IMG_4490 sophiecapper_IMG_4608 sophiecapper_IMG_7199 sophiecapper_IMG_7206 sophiecapper_IMG_7263 states_IMG_3105 states_IMG_3355 states_IMG_3657W

Rob and Emma's Wedding at Clough Manor, Denshaw, Saddleworth, Oldham - Natural photojournalistic wedding photographer based in Oldham


Here are a few of my favourite photographs from Rob and Emma's wedding at the Clough Manor in Denshaw, Saddleworth, Oldham. It was a really lovely day and the guests were great fun - the room was set up beautifully and it was a pleasure capturing natural portraits of the happy couple with the Pennines in the background.

I specialise in a reportage / photojournalistic style for my wedding photography - I am based in Shaw, Oldham and have worked throughout Lancashire, Greater Manchester and Yorkshire. If you want a relaxed, natural style of wedding photography get in touch for a bespoke quote.


IMG_0042 IMG_0075 IMG_0149 IMG_0159 IMG_0171 IMG_2165 IMG_2374 IMG_2843 IMG_2859 IMG_2893 IMG_2905 IMG_2954 IMG_2991 IMG_3050 IMG_3060 IMG_3069 IMG_3078 IMG_3105 IMG_3105-2 IMG_3261 IMG_3381 IMG_3388 IMG_3425 IMG_3486 IMG_3509 IMG_3512 IMG_3522 IMG_3561 IMG_3581 IMG_7924 IMG_7939 IMG_7983 IMG_8071 IMG_8077 IMG_8111 IMG_8112 IMG_8176 IMG_8193 IMG_8241 IMG_8246 IMG_8253 IMG_8264 IMG_8279 IMG_8291 IMG_8303 IMG_8348 IMG_8493 IMG_8547 IMG_8551 IMG_8567 IMG_8570 IMG_8573 IMG_8596 IMG_8610 IMG_8617 IMG_8637 IMG_8643 IMG_8649 IMG_8667 IMG_8675 IMG_8678 IMG_8774 IMG_8876 IMG_8904 IMG_8905 IMG_8925 IMG_8928 IMG_8942 IMG_8971 IMG_8991 IMG_9018 IMG_9023 IMG_9230 IMG_9481 IMG_9491 IMG_9532 IMG_9571 IMG_9583 IMG_9688 IMG_9698 IMG_9776 IMG_9950 IMG_9993

Caity and Steve's Wedding at The Woodman Inn, Thunder Bridge, Huddersfield - natural, photojournalist wedding photograhy

As Caity and Steve had already had their wedding ceremony in Greece a couple of months prior to this evening, I was only with them for a few hours in the evening. The Woodman Inn in Huddersfield was a stunning venue set in lovely countryside (although it was dark when we were there!) - perfect for a wedding. It's always lovely to capture such relaxed shots as these are. If you are interested in a photojournalist wedding photographer that specialises in telling the story of your day, get in touch. I work from Oldham, Lancs but am happy to travel further afield.

Here are some of the images from the evening:


IMG_5491 IMG_5574 IMG_5651 IMG_5702 IMG_5837 IMG_5839 IMG_5845 IMG_5856 IMG_6054 IMG_6073 IMG_6117 IMG_6124



Newborn Photography in Royton, Oldham - natural shots

Here are a few preview shots from a recent newborn photography studio session in Royton, Oldham. It was a real pleasure being with such a lovely couple and a totally adorable little lady. Where possible I try to capture a range of shots of your newborn baby to give you real variety. Shoots are from £29 and the studio is set up in the comfort of your own home - definitely a benefit when little ones are involved as they are more content at home. Get in touch for your studio shoot.  

Buckley_IMG_9696 Buckley_IMG_9719 Buckley_IMG_9729 Buckley_IMG_9739 Buckley_IMG_9742

Family studio photography in Huddersfield

Here are a few sneaky peeks from a recent family portrait photography shoot I did in Huddersfield. The girls were absolutely adorable - the older of the 2 was a super character. I strive to get natural family photographs that reflect your family - shoots are available from £29. Get in touch for more information.  

lara_IMG_2174 lara_IMG_2206 lara_IMG_2232 lara_IMG_2276 lara_IMG_2278 lara_IMG_2289 lara_IMG_2297 lara_IMG_2438 lara_IMG_2569 lara_IMG_2606

Tony and Denise's Wedding: Rochdale Town Hall / Registry Office, Littleborough Band Stand and the Littleborough Coach House - Wedding Photography Oldham

Here are a few of my favourite images from Tony and Denise's wedding. The ceremony was held at Rochdale Town Hall in their registry office - a lovely little room which has great light falling on the couple. After a few quick portraits with the beautiful Rochdale Town Hall as the backdrop we jumped on to a vintage bus and headed to the Band Stand in Hare Hill Park in Littleborough. The weather was perfect as the guests listened to a local youth band play for them. From here, the party moved to the historic Littleborough Coach House. I specialise in photojournalistic reportage wedding photography in the Oldham, Rochdale, Saddleworth, Norden areas but I am more than happy travelling further afield. If you want natural, unposed pictures get in touch for a bespoke quote.


Mellor_IMG_0754 Mellor_IMG_1050 Mellor_IMG_1087 Mellor_IMG_1495-2 Mellor_IMG_1602_1 Mellor_IMG_1724_1 Mellor_IMG_1759_1 Mellor_IMG_1763_1 Mellor_IMG_1763_1-2 Mellor_IMG_1778 Mellor_IMG_1782 Mellor_IMG_2001 Mellor_IMG_2426 Mellor_IMG_2537 Mellor_IMG_3021 Mellor_IMG_3080 simpson_IMG_0862Ton



Wedding Photography in Shaw, Oldham - Capturing a Wedding at The George Street Chapel, Oldham

The George Street Chapel in Oldham is absolutely stunning and I had the pleasure of doing some commercial wedding photography of the venue earlier in the year. The chapel was set up for a mock wedding to showcase how beautiful it could be! For a smaller wedding, the George Street Chapel is stunning as you can see by the wedding photography here.

I'd love to shoot an actual wedding at The George Street Chapel - if you are interested, get in touch. I am a wedding photographer specialising in natural portraits based in Shaw, Oldham but I am willing to travel throughout the UK.

ageuk_ageUk_wedding_IMG_0837 ageuk_ageUk_wedding_IMG_0728 ageuk_ageUk_wedding_IMG_0605 ageuk_ageUk_wedding_IMG_0527 ageuk_ageUk_wedding_IMG_0476

Wedding Photography in Oldham, Norton Grange Rochdale, Duke 92s Manchester, The Pennine Manor Scapegoat Huddersfield and Swinton Golf Club

Last year I was honoured to be part of a number of weddings. As a quick review, thought I would blog just a couple of images from some of the weddings I was involved in. I'm a wedding photographer in Shaw, Oldham and I do wedding photography throughout the Northwest. I very much have a photojournalist style which is very informal - I think I very much specialise in capturing natural images of your special day. The venues on show below are: Pennine Manor, Scapegoat, Huddersfield; Duke 92s, Deansgate, Manchester; Swinton Golf Club; and The Norton Grange, Rochdale. My packages start at just £249 and all the images I take are provided on a DVD. If you require more information on my wedding photography, get in touch.


Barnabus_Lee Jen Nickless_IMG_9875 Barnabus_Lee Jen Nickless_IMG_9319 Barnabus_Lee Jen Nickless_IMG_0023 Barnabus_Lee Jen Nickless_IMG_1132 lindsey_paul_webb_wedding_IMG_7665 lindsey_paul_webb_wedding_IMG_6865 lindsey_paul_webb_wedding_IMG_6550 ageUk_wedding_tommy_shelley_bogan_wedding_IMG_9178 ageUk_wedding_shaunwalker_wedding_IMG_0428 ageUk_wedding_shaunwalker_wedding_IMG_0759 rachel_shaun_walker_wedding_full colour_IMG_0915 lindsey_paul_webb_wedding_IMG_6533 Barnabus_Lee Jen Nickless_IMG_0651 Barnabus_Lee Jen Nickless_IMG_1132


Family and Pet Portrait Photography in Shaw, Oldham

Thought it would be nice to blog a few of my favourite family portrait shoots that I've taken recently. I've had the pleasure of photographing families in Shaw, Rochdale, Oldham and Saddleworth over the last few months. On top of that, I've done a range of pet photography portraits - my favourite being in Heaton Park, Manchester. If you are looking for a family photographer in the Oldham area (willing to travel!) to capture family portraits, check out my packages at - I set up a home studio at your home and spend 2 hours with you. All the images I take are provided on a DVD with no restrictions on printing or sharing. This means you can order your own prints/canvases much cheaper than you could if using a photography studio. As I teach I have an enhanced criminal records check too so you can be entirely comfortable with me taking pictures of your tiny loved ones. I have done newborn pictures through to whole family pictures.

Please get in touch for family photography, newborn photography and pet photography in Shaw, Oldham and Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Yorkshire.

Barnabus_Racheal Swaby_IMG_4532 Barnabus_Louisa_Gregson_IMG_6323 Barnabus_Lee Jen Nickless_IMG_3061 Barnabus_Kelly White_IMG_1744 Barnabus_Kelly White_IMG_2068 Barnabus_Kelly Chapman_IMG_7863 Barnabus_Jess_Bev_Oxleyshaw_IMG_7130 Barnabus_Katy Chris Boyle_IMG_8203 Barnabus_Katy Chris Boyle_IMG_8416 Tilly_Firth_portraits_03_11_20136061_12 Barnabus_Louisa_Gregson_IMG_6236 Barnabus_Lisa_IMG_5800 Barnabus_wizardofoz_heykids_IMG_2092

Lindsey and Paul's beautiful wedding at the Pennine Manor, Wedding Photography, Oldham

A little late, but here are some pictures from a really beautiful wedding at the Pennine Manor, Scapegoat Hill, Huddersfield. A really lovely venue with stunning views across both sides of the Pennines. Felt like you could see forever. Lindsey and Paul were such a lovely couple to work with and their day was such an intimate and lovely day - a real privilege to be involved. wedding photography lindsey_paul_webb_wedding_IMG_6075 lindsey_paul_webb_wedding_IMG_6435 lindsey_paul_webb_wedding_IMG_6484 lindsey_paul_webb_wedding_IMG_6533 lindsey_paul_webb_wedding_IMG_6546 lindsey_paul_webb_wedding_IMG_6550 lindsey_paul_webb_wedding_IMG_6562 lindsey_paul_webb_wedding_IMG_6637 lindsey_paul_webb_wedding_IMG_6770 lindsey_paul_webb_wedding_IMG_6865 lindsey_paul_webb_wedding_IMG_7196 lindsey_paul_webb_wedding_IMG_7389 lindsey_paul_webb_wedding_IMG_7665 lindsey_paul_webb_wedding_IMG_7676

Tommy and Shelley's Wedding at Dukes 92, Manchester

Here are a few preview shots of a wonderful wedding at Duke 92s, Castlefield, Manchester. It was a superb venue both for photography, but also for a wedding! Beautiful lighting for the ceremony, then very urban landscape that created some excellent portraits. We were blessed for 15 minutes whilst the rain stopped and the light fell on the Beetham Tower and a rainbow appeared.  


tommy_shelley_bogan_wedding_tommy_shelley_bogan_wedding_IMG_7740 tommy_shelley_bogan_wedding_tommy_shelley_bogan_wedding_IMG_8001 tommy_shelley_bogan_wedding_tommy_shelley_bogan_wedding_IMG_8092 tommy_shelley_bogan_wedding_tommy_shelley_bogan_wedding_IMG_8227 tommy_shelley_bogan_wedding_tommy_shelley_bogan_wedding_IMG_8236 tommy_shelley_bogan_wedding_tommy_shelley_bogan_wedding_IMG_8252 tommy_shelley_bogan_wedding_tommy_shelley_bogan_wedding_IMG_8371 tommy_shelley_bogan_wedding_tommy_shelley_bogan_wedding_IMG_8486 tommy_shelley_bogan_wedding_tommy_shelley_bogan_wedding_IMG_9064 tommy_shelley_bogan_wedding_tommy_shelley_bogan_wedding_IMG_9094 tommy_shelley_bogan_wedding_tommy_shelley_bogan_wedding_IMG_9143 tommy_shelley_bogan_wedding_tommy_shelley_bogan_wedding_IMG_9178 tommy_shelley_bogan_wedding_tommy_shelley_bogan_wedding_IMG_9272

Rachel and Shaun's NY's Eve Wedding @ The Mercure Norton Grange, Rochdale

What better day to have a wedding than New Year's Eve? Spirits are high and it seems a perfectly symbolic moment - a moment when you look to new futures. Well, Rachel and Shaun decided to have their special wedding at the Norton Grange Hotel in Rochdale on New Year's Eve. It was a wonderful wedding, and I hope the photography captured some of it. Here are just a few sneak images that I photographed on the day. rachel_shaun_walker_wedding_full colour_IMG_0187 rachel_shaun_walker_wedding_full colour_IMG_0215 rachel_shaun_walker_wedding_full colour_IMG_0365 rachel_shaun_walker_wedding_full colour_IMG_0407 rachel_shaun_walker_wedding_full colour_IMG_0915 rachel_shaun_walker_wedding_full colour_IMG_1097 rachel_shaun_walker_wedding_full colour_IMG_1401 shaunwalker_wedding_IMG_0428 shaunwalker_wedding_IMG_0601 shaunwalker_wedding_IMG_0607 shaunwalker_wedding_IMG_0759