It’s always a huge privilege being involved in someone’s wedding – whether as a guest, or as a photographer. It’s a massive responsibility getting the pictures you deserve to reflect your special and unique day and it is a responsibility I take seriously. Before the wedding I will meet up for a cuppa to discuss your requirements and to consider any specific requests you have. In the build up to the wedding it’s customary for me to visit the location to ‘scout’ it and be as prepared as possible. On the day I am very aware that your wedding day is unique and precious and that there will be vast array of ‘special moments’ to capture: big smiles, kisses, dances and lots of laughter. This is the part of the 'job' that I absolutely adore!

I am very much a photographer who works in a documentary, reportage style, working discreetly in the background to capture images that are natural (both in the pose and the light) – I think these kinds of shots really do build up a real picture of your day and they are the ones you will cherish in years to come. Personally, I am not there to 'direct' any of the action that happens and I certainly don't stage any pictures. Each wedding is hugely different and unique; my role is to reflect that in the photography. As you'll see in my 'about' section, I'm not hugely comfortable having my own picture taken so I've developed a style of photography that reflects what I would want from a photographer: fun, relaxed and natural. I don't do posed, directed pictures - the pictures I aim for are the ones that show real and raw emotion from you and your guests that naturally unfold during the day. 

... we are completely blown away! They are absolutely stunning! What makes them so beautiful are the moments that are captured that we didn’t even realise were taking place.
— Chris and Claire - Facebook review